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Guidelines for Michiana-Elkhart Chapter Rides

  1. All rides leave from Hoosier Harley Davidson, proceed west to C.R. 10 and stop and regroup at C.R. 10 & The John Weaver.

  2. Rides of more than 80 miles should have a “butt break.” L.O.H rides can pretty much ignore #2.

  3. Routes need to be submitted to Director & Road Captains 30 days in advance of ride date.

  4. Ride routes should contain Left & right directions and the mileage at each turn, either incremental, cumulative or both.

  5. Rides should be submitted as either a “word” or “excel” document that can be easily transmitted electronically.

  6. Rides should be pre-ridden by Chairperson(s), before submittal, on the same day of the week and at the same time as the event.  This is to check for things that might affect the safety of the ride, Factory closing, Church letting out, sun position, etc. The sun position is especially important on early spring & late fall L.O.H. rides, riding directly into the setting sun is no fun and can be dangerous.

  7.  Be sure that your chosen destination wants, and is able, to accommodate the number of people you expect to attend.

  8. Be sure that the event will be in an area that will provide the separateness needed for our event. Other patrons don’t really care to hear our “war stories” or want to watch us award our door prizes etc.

  9. There should be no alcoholic beverages on the ride.

  10. The ride officially ends when we pull into the parking lot at the destination.

  11. Be sure that the chosen destination, and “butt break” stop has a safe parking area for motorcycles. (Level and solid.)

  12. All members must be on Harley Davidson motorcycles. (Exceptions), if you just bought a wiz-bang new custom, you can ride it once or twice to show off or, if a prospective new member doesn’t have their new Harley yet they can ride their old stuff at the very end of the pack.

  13. Remember that member safety is paramount. This is a ride not a race. The “rubber band” effect becomes more pronounced the faster the leaders go.

  14. Riding at, or slightly below the speed limit makes it easier to keep the group together.

  15. Ride chairperson is responsible for choosing door prizes from Hoosier H-D and bringing them to the ride destination.($250.00 for chapter rides & $100.00 for L.O.H. rides.)

  16. Ride chairperson is responsible for arranging for someone to sell 50/50 tickets and getting the money to the chapter treasurer.

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